Minnesota has more than 16,000 certified private applicators. These applicators are farmers who use restricted-use pesticides (RUP) to control insect and weed pests as they produce their crops and other agricultural goods.

Private pesticide applicators are certified through a program administered by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and University of Minnesota Extensions. The three-year certificate costs $75.00 and expires on March 1 of the third year following certification. Once they are certified, applicators may apply or use RUPs. State law also requires dealers to record all sales of restricted-use products to private pesticide applicators. Private applicators must obtain a Fumigation Endorsement (grain or soil) in addition to their Private Pesticide Applicator Certification to apply fumigants.

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Note: There are very few applicators presently endorsed for fumigation.

Training Opportunities

As part of the state certification program, applicators receive ongoing training. The Extension Service conducts this training at the local level through voluntary workshops and distribution of training manuals.

For more information about local training workshops, please contact your local county extension office, call 800-318-8636 to locate the extension office in your county, or check the PAT web site for a schedule of private applicator training opportunities.