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The map overlay show sites where cropland fields are available for grazing as well as livestock producers who are willing to move animals to grazing sites. The marker does not represent the exact location of the field or herd, only the township where the field is located or the herd is based. There may be multiple entries per township. Zoom in to see all options available.

Click on the point for more information about the herd or cropland.

Contact Kelly.Anderson@state.mn.us with questions, comments or suggestions about this website.

For map assistance or statewide grazing assistance:

Kelly Anderson
Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Grazing Specialist
(320) 808-4424

Kent Solberg
Sustainable Farming Association
Livestock and Grazing Specialist
(844) 922-5573 ext. 701

For cost share programs and local grazing assistance contact your local NRCS Grazing Specialist:

Lance Smith
NRCS Grazing Specialist
(507) 537-0541 ext. 106

Jeff Duchene
NRCS Grazing Specialist
(218) 346-4260 ext. 101

Dean Thomas
NRCS Grazing Specialist
Preston, Fillmore
(507) 765-3878 ext. 12


MDA Contact : Kelly Anderson, Livestock Specialist
320-808-4424, Kelly.Anderson@state.mn.us

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